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Vitus Pharma Series (NSF)


The Vitus Pharma Series (NSF) is a high performance pharmaceutical white oil that give the user a unique product that meets the exact needs in terms of viscosity and solubility and more importantly meeting the specification set out by the Pharmacopoeias. The Vitus Pharma Series (NSF) has been produced under all hydroprocessing routes (hydrocracking, wax hydro-isomerization and hydro-finishing). It is a transparent oily liquid and is essentially odourless and tasteless. It is obtained from petroleum through refining processes listed above.

This product is registered by the NSF H1 for use where there is potential for incidental food contact. VITUS FOOD GRADE LUBRICANTS are produced to meet and exceed all quality standards, in facilities where HACCP audits and as well as other manufacturing processes have been implemented and form part of an ISO 9001 quality management system.


  • Chemically and biologically stable
  • Will NOT support bacterial growth
  • Neutral odour and taste
  • Good protection against corrosion of all metal surfaces


Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Base materials for ointments, skin creams, hair preparations, suntan lotions and emollients, ingredients for baby and bath oils, lotions, lipsticks, massage oils.


Coatings for eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, impregnating oils for fruit and vegetable wrappings,
plasticisers in polystyrene and other plastic packaging materials, sugar refining. For applications including divider oils and bakery pan oils, use food grade vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil.


Lubricants for medical instruments and apparatus, filling and packaging machines in the food industry and compressor cylinders in the beverage industry.

White Oils Pharmaceutical are also recommended as:

  • Rayon oils and de-foaming and glossing agents.
  • Hydraulic fluids, or bearing and gear lubricants.
  • Compressors handling air or gases (except oxygen), or carbon dioxide for carbonated beverages.
  • Rust preventive for vats, tanks and machinery.

Not recommended for use in breathing air compressors.


White Oils Pharmaceutical are finding applications in the following industries: drugs and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food processing and handling, rubber, plastics, paper, rope, bakery, textile, agriculture and precision machinery. Wood industries where the oils are used for finishing treatments.