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Metal Working Fluids

Soluble Oil

Here follows Petromark’s range of soluble metal-working fluids, oils and lubricants

Syntol SB

Petromark Syntol SB is a semi-synthetic water soluble, general purpose cutting fluid with Sulphur free EP additives. Blue in colour, Syntol SB is almost transparent once mixed with water in the correct ratios.

Syntol SB is recommended for a wide range of applications (30:1 ratio) including turning, drilling and (50:1 Ratio) grinding where neat cutting oil is not required.


Petromark’s Petrosol, is a water-soluble general-purpose metal working fluid that forms a white emulsion when mixed.

Petrosol is generally recommended for normal turning, sawing, milling and drilling applications.

Neat Oil

Here follows Petromark’s range of neat metal-working fluids, oils and lubricants

Ferrous Cutting EP

Petromark’s Ferrous Cutting Oil range is a light coloured, low odour premium neat cutting oil suitable for the most severe cutting and machining operations for ferrous type materials where water-soluble type oils are not recommended.

Honing Oil N

Petromark’s Honing Oil N has been blended using low viscosity naphthenic base oil with a sulphurised additive pack to provide excellent anti-weld and flushing properties. This is a non-chlorinated product.

This product is suitable for fast machining on aluminium and zinc alloys where light feeds are encountered as well as for vertical honing of cast iron, i.e. cylinder blocks, liners etc.