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Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil

This is a range of 9 virgin mineral base oils conforming to the international classification ISO type HM 0 (Oils inhibited against rust and oxidation and containing anti-wear additives) and blended to fall within the ISO viscosity grades.

​Petromark Hydraulic Oils have good low temperature characteristics and offer a wide choice of viscosities, their solvent refined base oils are fortified by full additive treatment, which minimises oxidation, foaming, and ensures long machinery life by reducing wear and preventing corrosion.

Super Hydraulic Oil

Super Hydraulic Oil is blended to conform to International Specifications and contains rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear additives as well as a Viscosity Index improver.

Super Hydraulic Oil is formulated for use in Hydraulic systems that operate over a wide temperature range where a minimum variation in viscosity is required e.g. manufacturing equipment subject to wide temperature variations, off highway equipment, equipment incorporating control systems such as precision machine tools
and copying machines, hydraulic pump and motor drives etc.

Hydraulic Oil S

The Hydraulic Oil S (Zinc Free) range has been formulated using the latest international sulphur anti-wear technology and is free of zinc (zinc diasphosphate) additive components, therefore being compatible with silver plated equipment and components.

All three ISO viscosity grades have been formulated using the highest quality solvent refined base oils and are fortified by the latest additive package in order to minimize oxidation, prevent foaming and ensure long machinery life by reducing wear and preventing corrosion.