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Gear Oil Range

Multi-Grade Lubricants

Here follows Petromark’s range of multi-grade automotive gear oils and lubricants


Gear Oil GS 75W90 is a fully synthetic oil developed to meet the various international OEM specifications.

Gear oil GS 75W90 delivers unsurpassed performance for high and low temperature applications which are the cause of thermal degradation and oxidation. This product has been designed to reduce wear and corrosion, improved shear stability, extended service capability and fuel economy.

Gear Oil GS 75W90 provides outstanding seal compatibility and is also fully compatible with synchromesh transmissions.


Petromark’s Gear Oil GL4 80W90 is blended using high quality mineral base oil and a specially selected additive package. This ensures good anti-wear characteristics, oxidation stability and anti-corrosion properties.

This product has been specially developed for synchromesh manual transmissions and combined manual transmission drive units where the higher EP properties would be injurious to synchromesh cones.


Gear Oil LS GL 5 EP oils have been formulated for use in a variety of automotive limited slip differentials.

This product is a specially formulated gear lubricant containing extreme-pressure, anti-foam, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additives, which is suitable for heavy duty vehicles, including construction machines, busses and passenger cars which are fitted with limited slip differentials.


Petromark’s Gear Oil GL 5 EP 85W-140 is formulated using high quality virgin base oils incorporating anti-oxidation, anti-foam, anti-corrosion and sulphur phosphorous extreme pressure additives to comply with international specifications.

Gear oil GL 5 EP 85W140 may be used in a wide range of automotive and earthmoving gearboxes and differentials where the vehicle manufacturer recommends a GL5 grade.

Transmission Lubricants

Here follows Petromark’s range of Transmission Lubricants


Petromark’s Transfluid TO-4 is a range of mono-grade oils developed as a transmission and drive train oil (TDTO) meeting Caterpillar TO-4 requirements. The additive package used to produce these products ensures excellent friction control, reduces gear wear, minimal brake noise, oxidation stability and excellent brake and transmission life.


Petromark’s Multipurpose Tractor Oil is a STOU (Super Tractor Oil Universal) product. It is a shear stable Multigrade oil, formulated from High Viscosity base oils with a Viscosity Index Improver, plus a high performance detergent / dispersant additive. It also contains a highly effective “anti-squawk” agent. . This additive treatment results in an extremely high strength film together with detergent / dispersant features that give a high level of protection against low temperature sludge formation and ring sticking.


Petromark Tractor Transmission 80W is a UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) formulated using high quality Virgin Base Oils incorporating anti-oxidation, anti-foam, anti-corrosion sulphur phosphorous extreme pressure additives and has excellent anti-squawk characteristics.

This product is recommended for use in Hydraulic System, Transmission, Final Drive System, PTO’s (Power Take-Offs) and Wet Brakes fitted to agricultural farm tractors and off highway equipment.

ATF Automatic Transmission Fluids

Here follows Petromark’s range of Automatic Transmission Fluid gear oils and lubricants


Petromark Automatic Transmission Fluid is blended using a high viscosity index paraffinic base oil.

Blended to a Dexron Type II fluid this product includes, viscosity index improvers, anti-wear additives, dispersants, anti-oxidants and seal swell agents. This fluid is red in colour preventing any error when filling or top-up of transmissions.


Petromark ATF DX 3 is primarily used in automatic transmission of passenger vehicles, certain commercial and off-highway equipment where an ATF DX 3 type fluid is recommended by the manufacturers.

This product includes viscosity index improvers, anti-wear additives, dispersants, antioxidants, and seal swell agents. This fluid is red in colour preventing any error when filling or top-up of transmissions.


Petromark ATF DX6 is an advanced high performance automatic transmission fluid which has been formulated using superior grade synthetic base oils and market leading additive package.

ATF DX VI provides a high level of wear protection, cleanliness and extended drain intervals.