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Grease Products


Here follows Petromark’s range of Grease

Lithium Grease

Top Seller

Lithium EP 2 Grease is high quality; NLGI No. 2 lithium grease blended with solvent refined oils, and is suitable for operating temperatures between -10°C and 130°C.

It is multi-purpose grease containing oxidation and corrosion-inhibitors and incorporates an extreme pressure additive that gives excellent load carrying capabilities.

Lithium Moly

Top Seller

Lithium Moly No. 2 is a high-quality multipurpose lithium-based grease  blended from solvent-refined base oils.

It incorporates multi-functional extreme pressure additives, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and 3% molybdenum disulphide, making it suitable for operating temperatures between -10°C and 130°C.


Top Seller

PetroGrease WB is a multi-purpose EP lithium complex thickened grease enhanced with rust and oxidation inhibitors and extreme pressure additives as well as an additional tackifier to enhance adhesion to working surfaces. 

This product has been dyed red for easy identification.


Copper Compound is a high temperature, anti-seize, anti-corrosion assembly compound which is effective at surface temperatures up to 1100ºC. This product has been specially formulated for protection against seizure in extreme service conditions. Complete protection against rust, oxidation and other corrosion. This product can also be used on all threaded components.

Grease No.2

These greases are dark grey/black in colour, smooth textured homogeneous mixtures of premium quality base oils, calcium-base soap incorporating finely dispersed lubricating graphite.

They have a strong affinity for metal surfaces and high resistance to water washout. The graphite acts as a solid lubricant, reduces friction, prevents scuffing and seizures even when oil or grease is displaced.

Grease Special X

Grone Grease Special X is a sticky black, calcium soap grease containing numerous additives including graphite, extreme pressure additive and rust protection.

Recommended for the lubrication of open gears, chains and sprockets, drag lines, Shaft couplings, shovels, wire ropes, conventional and wire line drill rods under the most severe conditions.

Lithium 3

Lithium 3 Grease is high quality grease blended with solvent refined base oils, suitable for operating temperature between -30˚C and 130˚C. It is resistant to water and steam and is a multi-purpose grease containing oxidation and corrosion inhibitors. This product may be used for the lubrication of plain, needle, ball and roller bearings. It can be used with ferrous and non-ferrous metals and sealing materials.


PetroGrease LC-2 220 & 460 are super high-performance premium quality greases which combine the unique features of highly refined mineral base oils and fortified synthetic polymers, with a lithium complex soap thickener.

The low wax nature of a premium quality base fluid, allows for very good thermal stability, enabling the grease to perform for short periods of time under extreme temperatures, regaining its original texture after cooling to ambient temperature.

Complex EP2

Petromark’s Calcium Complex EP 2 is manufactured using a high quality calcium soap and contains selected additives to provide extreme pressure (EP) properties and additional protection against wear and heavy shock loads.

In addition to the above, Calcium Complex EP 2 has good resistance to temperature and outstanding mechanical stability under high shear conditions even in the presence of water.