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Established in 1969, Petromark is an independent blender of a wide range of quality Automotive and Industrial lubricants, supplying the greater Johannesburg area.

We blend an extensive range of Automotive and Industrial lubricant grades using only 100% Virgin Base Stocks. Additives are sourced from selected international suppliers and blended in our ISO 9001 certified Plant to meet international specifications.

The Company was originally formed with the objective of servicing sectors of the lubricant industry which for various reasons were not attractive to other suppliers of lubricants

To a large extent, this has remained our strength to date and believe that our success lies in providing lubricant solutions to small and medium sized users and forming strong and lasting relationships with our broad customer base across a wide spectrum of industries.

Our products can be found throughout South Africa including many countries North of our borders. We distribute through fully trained specialists, who are partners in the Petromark group of companies. Our comprehensive range includes Automotive, Industrial, Metal Working Fluids, Greases, Synthetics as well as other special lubricants that service a cross section of industries.

We strongly believe that in order to survive in this very competitive industry we have to not only provide a quality product but by offering outstanding service from our highly competent team we can ensure that our client satisfaction remains paramount.